5 REASONS why you should purchase a service from SHOE LAB:

Welcome to a new blog where we will be discussing why you should purchase a service from Shoe Lab! Let's dive straight into it...

1.) You get your shoes and bags looking box fresh with ease! We collect your shoes or bags from your home and take them to our lab! No need to go out of your way to the post office, just pass them over to DPD at your doorstep. Once cleaned, we then deliver them back to you. 

2.) There is no risk of ruining your shoes. A lot of people decide to clean their shoes at home and completely ruin them in the washing machine! Leave this to the professionals and get your shoes looking just as good as new.

3.) Restoring your shoes with Shoe Lab is a cheaper way to have 'brand new' shoes again... So save your money! If you are an owner and lover of designer shoes, you will benefit from Shoe Lab services as we add longevity to luxury items and make the investment worth it. 

4.) You will be bringing more sustainable practices into your life - rather than throwing an old pair of shoes away you would be re-purposing them as we will create a whole new, fresh identity with a clean, paint or both. 

5.) You deserve to treat yourself to a professional shoe or bag clean! We guarantee you will fresh and stylish the next time you wear them. 

We have some current discounts you may like which end 27/11/22:

- Get 20% off any clean with code 'Blackfriday20'.

- Get 30% off when you purchase 5 or more cleans with code 'BLACKFRIDAYBUNDLE'.