Here at Shoe Lab, we value self care and looking after your mental health. Today is World Mental Health Day, so we thought why not make this blog post about something different - all things self care. 

What actually is self care to you? Some peoples form of self care is to purchase new, materialistic things, whereas other peoples form of self care may be to chill, pamper, listen to music or play a hobby. 

 Here are some self care tips:

- Spend time with your friends to build your sense of belonging...

- Try to do something you enjoy every day... like a hobby!

- Get outside, take a walk, see the day.

- Start your day with something positive like your favourite breakfast or a nice coffee!

- Treat yourself if possible. If you love having your shoes cleaned and feeling fresh, why not purchase a clean with us!

What's your go-to self care tip?! The self care advice we would give our readers would be to indulge into your passions and try to do something which makes you happy every day. Every day spent at Shoe Lab is fun because we are passionate about what we do, which we recognise is a very privileged position to be in, however even just involving your hobby in your day to day life will make you happier.

Did you enjoy this blog post?

Comment with any of your own tips!