Did you know the second hand market is expected to grow faster than fast fashion in coming years? 

Here at Shoe Lab, we aim to do our part for the environment through providing you with more longevity on your shoes and bags, reducing wastage and further impacts of this. 

Its recycle week, so for this blog we wanted to take a different approach and highlight the effects of repair and re-wear services. 

In order to reduce your impact on the environment, repairing old shoes and bags to be reused is the best step forward. The waste management hierarchy lays out the most favourable to least favourable actions when it comes to protecting the environment with resource consumption.

When a product becomes faulty or 'out-of-date', consider getting it restored with us. Once repaired/ cleaned/restored you will be able to use the product again without having to buy a new product. Not only does this save you money, but it also results in a better impact on the environment in the long run.

With second hand clothing becoming the new norm and estimated to take over fast fashion, this means more people are embracing pre-loved items. We can provide you with fresh shoes and bags which look as fresh as new - you can even change the whole look through customising the colour palette. 

Check out our Instagram for examples of our restoration process and the outcomes!