HOW TO NAIL STRESS- FREE FESTIVE SHOPPING, and spoil loved ones whilst sticking to a budget!

We know how important sticking to a budget is, especially this Christmas, so let us share with you ways you can be savvy whilst spoiling your loved ones this year. 

First off all, actually STICK TO THE BUDGET! It's so easy to get carried away buying presents, but remember, your loved ones will appreciate the thought more than the cost of the present.

Shoe Lab is all about adding longevity to your bags and shoes, to make your investment in high end products worth it. If you have a fellow shoe lover who you want to treat this Christmas, why not gift them a deep/premium clean voucher or book their run down, pre-loved shoes/bags in for a restoration so that they're looking box fresh again without the cost of buying a whole new pair!?

Make your Christmas spending stress-free and hop on the sales! Now is the perfect time with Black Friday around the corner. Here's what were offering:

Until 27th November, you can use these codes to get our services at a discounted price:

'Blackfriday20' - for 20% off an individual clean, either deep or premium. 

'BLACKFRIDAYBUNDLES' - for 30% off when you order 5 or more cleans.

Most of all, just enjoy the festive period, visit Christmas markets, spend quality time with family and friends and don't stress too much about the material things!

We wish you happy festive shopping, and if you do decide to shop with us, we will do everything we can to get the shoes/bags you bring in to us looking box fresh!