There are a lot of pressures which come with offering premium services on high end shoes. Here's a little insight...

At Shoe Lab, we have customers who put their trust in us to restore very expensive shoes and with that comes a lot of pressure to ensure we have a steady hand with paint work and an eye for detail whilst cleaning. To give some more insight, we have received shoes costing £5k, the Dior Jordan 1's. Our client was a skater and these shoes came to us in a very bad condition, so it was our mission to put our restoration skills to use. 

(Jordan 1 Dior low - Sneaker Bar Detroit, 2022).

Seeing the shoes transformation is the most rewarding part of the job, and then of course hearing good customer feedback. Another cool pair of shoes we have loved cleaning are Travis Scott Jordan 1's - it is fair to say our team at Shoe Lab get a lot of shoe inspo on the job! 

Due to the expense of high end shoes, it is a much more affordable option to bring luxury shoes to be re-stored at Shoe Lab as our restoration services have the same effect as buying a whole new shoe, just for a cheaper price. If you have any enquiries about our cleaning services on your high-end or non high-end shoes, just drop us a DM on Instagram @shoe_lab_uk.

If you were in our shoes, what would be your dream pair of shoes to work on?