For this blog post, we're bringing you something fun and light-hearted! Here's what we think the shoes you bring into the lab say about you...

Although shoes aren’t usually the first thing that others judge about you, it is at the top of the list of things that can reveal much about who you are. There are many things you have to think about when purchasing shoes including size, colour, cost, brand, comfort, and style. The shoes that you wear regularly can reveal personal characteristics about yourself as well as what you do on a daily basis.

Nike Air Max Plus TN's:

You're outgoing, have a good sense of style, love fashion and enjoy being active. We personally really like the Nike TN's here at Shoe Lab. 

Jordan 1's:

You're up to date with the trends, into your fashion and enjoy dressing up. Your social life is quite busy and these are your go-to trainers! 

 Axel Arigato's:

You like to keep it minimal, and you're straight to the point. You follow trends in your own way and love all things self care. 

Alexander McQueen's:

You love the night life and partying! You love to keep things luxurious and love the material side of things but are also down to earth.


You are fashion forward, a leader and a very confident character. You have lots of friends and love socialising.

(P.s we clean all of the above shoes and more, DM us on Instagram with any enquiries).

Agree with our statements? Comment down below if you can relate!